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NUN - 050818H
NUN (novel useful and non-obvious)
The "one and only" Jacklamp™ is a new LED package, very different from traditional packages.
Thru-Hole Type (THT) LED packages

are connected to power by
soldering them into
a printed circuit board hole.
Optimized for Manufacturer!

Surface Mount Type (SMT) LED packages

are connected to power by
soldering them onto
a printed circuit board.
Optimized for Manufacturer!
Jacklamp™ type LED packages

are connected to power by
plugging a cable into them!
Optimized for End User!
  • The Jacklamp™ is a new type of LED lamp package (Firewire™ and USB versions shown), designed to receive a plug and power from a bus cable, and provide light. (see Jacklamp™ FAQ)
  • Jacklamps utilize power from the billions of cables on hand in computer, instrument, industrial control, automotive, aviation, marine, and consumer electronics systems, to provide task lighting for setup, trouble shooting and repair in low or no light conditions.
  • A Jacklamp, in the absence of bus power (e.g. due to brownout, blackout, battery failure, or unavailability of a powered port, a powered hub, or an adapter-charger etc.) may be used on its battery powered accessory device (not shown), the Jacklamp Caddy™, as a portable handheld light, a cable extended handheld light or a cable tester/indicator. (see Jacklamp Caddy™ FAQ)
  • I have used a Jacklamp Caddy to power my USB light and iPod!


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