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Soon you will be able to buy Jacklamps™ and Jacklamp Caddy™ for: Firewire™(6 pin); USB (type B) cable plugs; PoE cable plugs; and AC power adapter (most sizes) plugs. Buy on line individually or bulk retail or wholesale here.
Jacklamp™ Style: Color: Price: Qty: Total:
Jacklamp™ Style: Color: Price: Qty: Total:
Jacklamp™ Style: Color: Price: Qty: Total:
Jacklamp™ Style: Color: Price: Qty: Total:
Jacklamp Caddy™ for Firewire™ and USB: Price: Qty: Total:
Jacklamp Caddy™ for PoE (Q2 2006): Price: Qty: Total:
You can save substantially on shipping charges by ordering multiple Jacklamps. Our Shipping and Handling Supersaver Policy is only $4.00 per order - regardless of the shipment size (within the continental U.S.) Shipping:

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Payment is expected at the time of order. Please make out a check or money order payable to: W. W. Truxes III and send it to W. W. Truxes III, Jacklamp, L.L.C., P. O. Box 4077, Park City, UT 84060-4077 along with this printed form.
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  • Government Agencies: Net 30 with valid purchase order.

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